Hey folks, right now i have 2 albums available for download on this website in the 'Music Available' page -  They are "Seasalty Animal Dreams", from the year 2003 which is available for $2.99, and also "Alchemy" from the year 2001 which is available for $1.99.  I also have one of my first albums ever, "Thoughts of India" available at Amazon for $8.99.  Sorry for that absurd price hike compared to the rest, but its how they keep their enslaved musicians in their tiny little marketing hands.  I'll be stopping that once my subscription with Amazon ends, and will sell it here for a much reduced price or possibly free, but by that time i'll have a few more albums available on here as well.  Ok please keep checking back or write me an email at micpogo80@gmail.com if youre interested in any more music, or have any questions or comments.  Anything helps and is beneficial for the inspiration of making more wonderful music in the future for everyone to hear!



 I am very excited to announce that soon i will be premiering my streamable and downloadable radio show/webcast.  It will basically be a 75-minute piece that will play like a radio show.  My intention is to promote music that is mostly unknown, underrated and underappreciated, mostly music that is not part of the mainstream but of astonishing quality to say the least.  

Most of the music i listen to on a daily basis consists of this and it is all really creative, amazing, sometimes obscure but super enjoyable and listenable music that are like sonic sound adventures to me.  I often wonder why this music is not as popular as most mainstream music and i figure simply because there is so much of it out there and not all of it can be that popular.  Most of the music i will play is popular in some sub cultures or community based groups, so i think you will recognize or know the names of some of these bands, and musicians.  My show can be another option or even a substitute for Pandora or Grooveshark, the streamable stations that most folks listen to on the web.  Of course there is great music there, but my station will be very personable and i will provide short blips of info pertaining to what you just heard, or will hear.  I've always wanted to be a radio dj and this is my opportunity to do so.  I hope to open peoples ears and eyes to some amazing artists that they have never heard before and open some doors for you into my musical world.

I will be seperating each radio piece by style persay, from genres, time tables and ethnicity based from one to the next.  Like right now im currently working on 5 podcasts before i present it to the public.  The first five will consist of -                                                                    

1. Indian Rock/Electronic Fusion Part I,

2. The World of Mike Patton and Trey Spruance,

3. Progressive Japanese music Part I,

4. The World of Amazing Anime music Part I,

5. Frank Zappa's Greatest and Most Listenable Music Gems.  

After these 5 are done i hope to create a new one every month or so, to open a diverse realm of this unique and mostly unheard-of-to-the-masses-music, that i hope will appeal to all the listeners in some way.  Open your mind and seek progression!!  With Love and light always, MP


Doors Open, swing into atoms of everything, nothing is quite like the quintessence of being, thinking, patiently awaiting nothing yet everything....what swirls the energies into the great submission of living as we are in, constantly engaging the soul to become more balanced and wholesome towards the things that we love most and that make us feel the best allowing others to feel their best, heightening the awareness as it allows one to.